Mission statement

Energy Efficiency Policy

Hellas Confidence Shipmanagement S.A. respects the environment and encourages shore and ship personnel for energy performance improvement. All employees share a responsible attitude towards processes that have an improved performance towards the energy saving.

Quality Policy

Hellas Confidence Shipmanagement S.A. is committed to quality services that satisfy their customers. High quality standards are ensured by sharing responsibilities, customer feedback analysis and respect for customers’ business activities.

Human and Labour Policy

It is the Company’s Policy to comply with the market standards, rules and regulations in the countries in which we operate to ensure the respect for human rights and labour standards, promoting a fair working environment for our employees at sea and on shore. The Company promotes equal treatment to all employees, which ensures opportunities to obtain work and develop their skills and competence. Training and development are actively pursued though the Company’s training program for the “ashore” and “seaborne” personnel.